What the ?

OK so a couple of what the? to add .I am in the midst of a battle with a web hosting site called HOSTESS.COM.AU I signed up for one year to host my web site (that never actually became an active web site) I payed for the year in advance so imagine my surprise  that they  have handed me over to a collection agency to collect the next years payment ,yes that’s right the year that lays ahead , even though I have canceled my account they still want me to pay for ,lets just get this right now ,a year of hosting but not actually doing the hosting with a customer that is no longer registered with them , yes that sounds about right they want me to pay them money for nothing great gig if you can pull it off money for nothing . I have as you would put in a complaint with the ACCC and trust they will help me get through to the greedy unethical web site and have them call off the debt collectors .

The second What the ? I s that my daughter is traveling the world and is in Japan I skype email and read her blog so contact is not the issue,she told me that she almost became an addition to the Japan road toll by nearly being run over by a crazed man in a Dihatsu .I have warned her and warned her to be on the look out for crazed men in Dihatsu mini trucks in any country bet she’ll listen now O miss her and can not wait until London 2011

One response to “What the ?

  1. It wasn’t my fault that he did the wrong thing!!!


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