Well thats a WTF if I have ever seen one

I was shopping in Kmart with Mum we go the check out  I notice that the operator looks some what distracted but  you get that so  I go through first. Then as I am waiting for Mum to go through I notice what was distracting the operator she was doing a blood sugar test on her little kit so while she is serving customers she is pricking her finger blotting the blood on to the test stick and putting it in the reader .There was a used stick sitting on the counter at the end of the check out next to her little reader so that must have been  her first attempt that had not worked properly so she was having an other go . Now should we feel sorry for this woman ,was it Kmart who would not allow her to leave her check out to do her blood sugar or is it Kmart we should feel sorry for having an employee that thinks its ok prick her finger squeezing out blood to do a test while serving customers. I don’t know which but I i feel it is indeed worthy if I major WTF don’t you? 🙂



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