Home again Home again Jig-a-de-jig

Well it was a lovely time had by all in Sydney.

The grand children are as beautiful as ever coming out with those priceless quotes that bring a beaming smile to your face. Full of love and kisses and hugs and knowing that they have grandma wrapped around their little fingers, yes even at 18 months. And my beautiful daughter looks hot hot hot keep up the good work you are looking great. My sister in law also is looking wonderful with that infamous baby glow and has now got a good size set of breasts  to go with her new little tummy . So I missed my flight home by a mere 20 minutes and was grateful to Qantas for simply changing me to the next flight without any fuss or demands of more cash: good on you Q: also the fact that they are going to fix my suitcase that was some how damaged on the trip up and to find I was on a flight with the Australian Ruby Team, they are solid fellows and keen hand held gamers. So upon arrival home was given the 20 minute smell over by Menis to discover where and who I had been near while away, discovered my self the damage an egg being hurled at your house can do and then suitably crashed in my lovely and missed bed. This morning I took Menis to the foreshore as she loves it and while we were walking I noticed a man cycling slowly around the tracks, to slow for it to be actually doing him any good perhaps he was a learner cyclist he was in his 50’s( rough guess) any way on our way back I fell over oh so graciously( not) , I stood in a pot hole my ankle went crack and bent sideways the pain was some what excruciating and I had scrapped my other leg from the knee down, so there I was flat out bleeding on the ground  riving in pain Menis took this as an opportunity to stop and give the area a thorough good smelling unconcerned about my fall as was the cyclist who had been behind me at the time , when I looked around somewhat embarrassed , he had taken a right hand turn so as he didn’t have to come past me ,nice hey .So I eventually picked my self up and hobbled back to the car and called in to the chemist for the appropriate first aid supplies to fix my self up when I got home and now I sit in my chair ankle bandaged and elevated in hopes it will all be good for work tomorrow , well it wont matter because I will be at work tomorrow regardless of the condition of my ankle because work is work  and bills are bills .So all in all I have to say I love my life it has so many interesting and unusual turns  and I would not have it any other way 🙂

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