AHHH Fridays

Oh How  I love friday  not because it the last working day of the week because I am a weekend worker as well as a week worker ,not because I am off to the pub to down a few cold ones ,  now my age is showing here but its because my fav TV shows are on, yes good old TV Escape to the country where in the UK,city dwellers look for county houses to change their pace of life I love this show because I love the houses they show some built in the 17th century with crooked halls and strange little quirks.This is followed by 60 minute makeover where a team supposedly do a make over in yes as the  name implies just 60 minutes I believe it actually takes slightly longer but with the magic a TV it only take just one hour .Then there is the delightfully gay couple who host How not to Decorate an other make over show that fix up, well intended home decorators who do not have a coordinated or colour matching bone in their bodies  all of these shows are from the UK .And make my friday nights worth while. Sad hey 🙂

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