In with the new

Well my first Christmas with out my girls any where in sight.With one 3000 miles away and the other a world away it was up to their brother to get me through and I am very pleased to say he hit the mark with flying colours .

A card with heart felt words of his own creation which would have been good enough but enclosed in the card was $50 to get what ever I want .

So the lead up to Christmas has been full of working days with only a few shifts a week on offer I was glad to make up the extra with call ins ,thank god for slackers not turning up to work.I have also been experiencing some difficulties with the electronics in my life First the Lap top finally gave up the ghost and although covered by the old insurance policy there was a hefty excess that I am still waiting for ,you can be sure that bill will arrive at an inappropriate  moment for sure. Then the TV just blew up smoke pouring out of the back of it never to be resurrected that would be enough for any one but no the fridge decides to join the party and the thermostat died . I am some what afraid to touch anything that runs on electricity in case I kill that too. But I am some what philosophical and feel it is a pretty good way to end a year in the throws of disaster as I am hoping that it means that the  new year shall begin in joy and good fortune , one can only hope . So as we say good bye to what has been a sad year for me loosing my Dad, I say hello to the new year and ask that this will be the one I have been waiting for , fingers crossed and I hope the new year brings you all happiness and good fortune 🙂

One response to “In with the new

  1. It will because you are coming to the UK!!!!


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