Where has all the good customer service gone long time passing Pt 2

The second part of this tale involves an old customer service foe par friend KMart ah yes you can always rely on them for a tale of WTF

I am reading a series of 3 books I am on Volume 2 and I want volume 3 alas my store did not have it ,so as you would I asked them to get it in for me, they said “no prob call you when we know ” 10 minutes later they left a message saying  “your DVD will be in next week ” hang on I want a book not a DVD so still in the center I go and tell them what has happened to correct their mistake .

Again they say “no problem we will call you when we know it will be in “A week goes by and no call so I happened to be in the store and asked can  they tell me whats was happening with my ordered book but no ,none knew anything they took my details again saying “no prob we will call you when we know ” Another week goes by I am again in the complex and I ask again, this time I am told that I have to get in contact with their head office and ask them to track down the book and tell me where it is so I can then tell my store where they can get it from then they will get it in for me .

OK so now I am starting to think to my self why couldn’t they do that but I really want this book so I do as they asked .I get a response from head office saying I can get the book from 3 stores they have listed all I have to do is ring head office customer service and get put through to the stores and get them to send the book to my store, ok I do that only to be told by the head office that volume 3 is not available at all ,I explain that I have an email from them saying what it said but he is firm “it is not in stock anywhere”. I reply back to the email and tell what I have just been told and ask that they clarify if the book is at the 3 stores they have told me or is it not . The reply was “we are sorry we looked up the DVD  by mistake and that the book is out of stock sorry .

So what can you do ,you go online and order it from somewhere else .2 days later I am at work and I have a missed call from a local number and a new message I listen and it says I kid you not “Hello this is Darrin from Kmart in Rosebud just wanted to let you know your book is here for you to pick up thank you if you could give me a call back thanks “really I kid you not .I get home I print out a copy of the emails from the head office and over I go . I can see the look on the faces of the ladies behind the  counter as I am trying to explain what has gone on .

Finally some one can see the madness of all this so her answer is I buy the book they got in( its cheaper) and try to change the one on order if I can not change the one one on order then I bring back this one and she will give me a $20.00 gift card (more than I paid ) ok sounds fair enough I will do that .I get home I can not change my already ordered copy so tomorrow I will take this one back .

But wait  its not over yet! an hour later I get a call from a lady and this is how it went ,I say “Hello” she says “Hi This is (I forget) from Kmart I was just giving you a call to let you now that the  DVD you ordered was in “I say “would that be the volume 3 ” she says”yes that’s it ” I LMFAO then I tell her the tale of my book I can not wait to tell Colleen who is giving me the gift card and also providing good customer service 🙂

You have to laugh because, I don’t know why, but you do

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