Where has all the good customer service gone long time passing

I myself am in customer service, now I don’t know if that makes me more critical or not but I expect not as a good level of customer service should be something that is a given.

I have had two unbelievable experiences lately , so lets start with Virgin I have a phone with them I am registered on their web site and a member of the members page where you can catch up on whats hot ,get discounts on cool stuff and enter competitions.

So I am on the site checking things out and see an offer to hire one DVD get one free from the oovie, just enter the members code when your hire, yes, sounds simple, clicked on” get this” and the code was no where to be found. I start to think  maybe I have a members code so looked in my profile and shock no code but there in black and white was the fact that I had been a member for 7 weeks, now I was never what you would call brilliant at maths but no matter how I looked at it I can not work out how 21 months works out to be 7 weeks .

So I drop them an email to let them know that the code is not on the site and ask about the 7 week thing. I get a reply saying sorry and they will arrange the code to be sent out yada yada yada and as far as they can see I have been a member for as long as I said I had and where did I see the 7 week thing ???What ?? that would be where I told them I saw it in my  email  to them wouldn’t it .

I decide to show them, so I took a screen shot of the page and sent it back ,in the mean while the code Miraculously appears on the site (so got the code yea!) and this time while I was there I spy a competition to win a week at NY Fashion week wahoo, all I have to do is send in a photo of some old out of fashion item I still have in my wardrobe( yes there are many I’m a shoe in for this ) so I find a few items take some photos upload them to the comp and then proceed to click on the enter button that is the link to Nova  (as they were running the comp ) only to find nothing, zip, nada, no mention or sight of this comp .

I again send of an email asking “Is this comp over?” and you know what the reply was ?no really you will never guess ,they tell me I would have to contact Nova about that and gave me an sms number to send them a message.

Ok so I did and asked the question and 2 seconds later came a reply thanking me for entering the Idol comp What Idol comp WTF .So I email Nova and asked them WTF? I get an email back saying sorry but the Fashion week in NY comp had finished some time ago . I emailed Virgin back and told them that I would be expecting a wage soon as I seem to be doing someones job monitoring the web site for errors ,missing information and out of date content after all I have plenty of time nothing else to do, oh hang on I do.Their final response to me was to say they hope I can turn this negative experience in to a positive ,yep ok no prob and I wonder how they think I will do that from that email ( shake head here)

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