The great house hunt

So as you all know moving house can be some what difficult ,in fact I would say I have a love ,hate relationship with moving .The love being the new surroundings the change ,opening boxes and finding stuff you haven’t seen for ages is like getting new stuff .The hate would be the logistics of the move the packing the loading the lifting the carrying the whole saga really and that is just that part of it finding the house is proving a bit of a challenge being that there is some crap houses out the for far too much money  way to small to fit in my stuff and did i mention the smells involved some houses stink and have a kitchen that would be fantastic if you were living on a boat .Oh the dilemma of it all not to mention finding a suitable house for my dog and that is a very important part of this house hunt expedition. I have approx 6 weeks to find this place I hope it happens soon, I will keep you up dated as I progress  hopefully with a great out come 🙂

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