Electronic hic up

I am browsing the web as you do when that familiar sound of an email arriving gets my attention. I look and notice a few arriving so I click on one from my daughter and think is she going in sane ,not only has she sent me an email in the middle of her night time , but her question was one I had already addressed some time ago . So I answer it again and then I see one from my sister-in-law telling me their plans for Christmas ,what, its the end of January then the penny drops I am receiving emails 3 months old yes my in box is filling up with every email I have received in the past 3 months and they just keep coming .My conclusion, I am Electronically jinxed OMG no I love my electronic stuff ,this can’t be happening I thought it was all over but no its back Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am afraid very afraid

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