The Green Hornet Revue

I went to the movies last night to see The Green Hornet .I went on cheap arse Tuesday to save a buck because lets face it you can get a DVD for $2 a night so paying $15.00 to go to the movies is some what excessive I think, hence the cheap arse Tuesday visit. Alas it was only in 3D ,oh no Glasses had to be worn and a 3D movie doses not count on cheap arse Tuesday What!!! So $50 ($17 of that just to get in the door ) lighter we enter. The movie itself I thought was great but then I grew up in that Marvel Comic book era so I already knew and loved the characters  however I must say I am not a lover of the 3D revolution that is currently sweeping the world and I believe I should have a choice at the box office in what format I want to view my $50 movie .I did at one stage have to remove my glasses and stop looking at the screen as they started to split the picture into 2 then 4 then 8 and so on and I found my self feeling a tad ill with the effect apart from that there was really not so much 3D effects the crashes did not leap out of the screen in fact the only time I remember seeing anything leap out was the intro and 2 teeth from a punch in the mouth and that was all so for the extra money  I feel completely ripped off .No more 3D for me it belongs at the theme parks where it was a treat and special . But bring on the Marvel comic movies I love them 🙂 The trailers were for, I am 4  and that looks great , Thor go the Aussies as that looks great too ,and another installment of Captain Jack Sparrow mmmmmmm In another Pirates Yea I love that series ,lets just hope I can choose how I see them other wise I will be waiting for the DVD 😦

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