Home at last

she has much more hair now !!!!!!!

At last after 3 months of traipsing in and out of countless houses that smelt ,were to small to swing a cat in ,we have finally  found  the one .The rent may be a mere $75 extra a week but the new land lord has welcomed our Meni and for those of you who do not know who Meni is she is our bundle of fury joy, our dog . Not only have they accepted my girl but are ok that she lives in side the house yea how cool is that !!

And while I am on the praising roll how cool have my real estate agents been in assisting me get this house not only finding it but singing our praises to the land lord to get us the nod so a big thank you for that may your commissions be big healthy and  plentiful this year . The house has 2 yes that is 2 lounge rooms so Beau has his own and the yard is huge I tell you huge Menis can frolic and scoot and chase and play and have fun .

There is an apple tree with apples on it ,2 lemon trees and fire pit and 2 sheds (one is very big ) You can not see the back yard from the front and the Bus should we ever have need of it passes right by the front door .

Oh and it has a bath I haven’t had a bath in three years (yesI can hear you now ) I am on the smelly side but not for much longer so as of the 20th of this month I will be Kerry  living the life at last ledwidge .

I might add here that without the support of my family this may not be happening so you guys rock I love you  and thanks 🙂

One response to “Home at last

  1. YAY!!!!! How awesome does it sound!! Can’t wait to see pics!!

    Love you
    x x x x


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