The Moving Truck

The moving truck that slob brought to the party was beyond fantastic , it was brand new and the hydraulic lift on the back made an already grueling job just that much better. Of course and much to the embarrassment of a 19-year-old we had to do the classic rock and roll stance with hand gestures and make the crowds going wild sounds with each raising and lowering of the platform ,that was part of the conditions of use .

So we filled this truck twice and its funny that when you are packing you see a need for this or that but when you move it and comes to the unpacking stage you wonder why  a) you pack that  b) you need that and finally  c)  the realisation that you now have to get rid of that .Yes I have a shed full of these items so in hindsight and how wonderful is hindsight, I would have only had one truck load had I realised the un-usefullness( yes I know that is not a real word) of these items, ah well we  live and we learn, oh hang on when it comes to this I don’t seem to learn anything at all as my past moves will attest along with my current shed full of crap .Garage sale on the horizon 🙂

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