I Must be speaking french !!!!!

I have had reason to make contact with my phone carrier ,yes we must all make the inevitable contact with them sooner or later but after the last time I remember thinking  to my self I am never emailing those trippers again !!! But I decided that email was far less frustrating than having an actual conversation  with them .

My problem was they did not roll my month over on the date (23rd of every month for the last 18 months )they should have and therefore as they were 5 days late in doing so I went ever so slightly over my cap but  if it had  been rolled over when it should have I would not have been over , so I get my bill and they have charged me the over the cap amount .

So I send them an email explaining all of this quoting the regular date of billing and so on and requested that they adjust my account back to the cap amount  as you would,  only to have them reply with and I quote::

(My apologies for the inconvenience. Our record shows that your billing cycle is every 24th of the month and that’s when your bill is generated. Please note that it can take up to 2 business days from the cycle date before bills will be available on the system. Please check it again tomorrow or by Tuesday and you should be able to view it already.

My apologies but we can’t also provide you the breakdown or exact details of your outstanding balance as of the moment since the bill is not available on the system yet. No worries! If you have questions with the charges once you have seen the bill, you may contact us again and we’ll assist you to investigate that. )

Sorry but did I ask about viewing my bill ,no it was the fact that I can see and had received my  the bill that I know they are over charging me. So did this answer help at all? no am I speaking french , I must be because these people obviously don’t understand any thing I say I have replied back to them again but really Mr Richard living the high life Branson I think you can do better than this , surely.

We will see what they come back with this time ?????

One response to “I Must be speaking french !!!!!

  1. No Never heard back,they are slackers and I am relentless


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