Phone companies can’t live with them but can’t live with them

Hi I am hoping that this sort of stuff happens to us all because if it doesn’t the what the hell is wrong with me !!! My internet was not working when we moved in to the new house despite receiving an sms from them stating that it was up and running , so as you would I called tech support First problem and I should have guessed how the call was going to go then  , she asks my name then asks to speak to the account holder! ah, is that not me oh hang on she meant Yarni are you kidding I go through the whole history of my account and how Yarni and I had contacted them numerous times together and separately to fix that error and ok I might have started to sound a little pissed off at this stage but nowhere near what I would be by the end of this call . so   after 10 minutes I explained that the call was costing me $1 per minute and suggested that she could call me back and her response was ” I do not have the facility to do that ” hang on just let me check I am speaking with telstra am I not so although she is speaking to me on a phone she can not call me back WTF . Then to add insult to injury she tell me I will have to pay her $299 for a new modem as mine is broken ,so recap it just cost me $15 to call tech help do not help me at all ,I hang up and Beau fixes the modem wrong cord plugged in .

A week goes by and one afternoon the internet decides to just stop working I do a diagnostic check ,I do a manual check of the modem but this time I can not get it to start working so I call tech support for help again this time asking them to be quick as it was costing me  and is there any outages in my area that would be stopping the internet from working ,so she says” that I should check the phone and see if I have dial tone” and I say “I do not have a telephone so I can not” and she says “then that’s why your internet is not working you don’t have a line” and I say” oh no I have a line I just don’t own a phone” and she says “so check and see if you have dial tone” and I say no I can’t as I don’t have a phone” and she says that’s why the internet isn’t working you don’t have a line “and I say “yes I do have a line I just do not physically have a phone to plug into the line” and she says “well how does your internet work then “and I say “it plugs into the phone line ” and she says I kid you not ” well do you have a dial tone “OMG I say” look I used to own a phone that was plugged into the phone line and the phone broke and I just never replaced it as I liked the peace and quiet of not having it ringing all the time but the line didn’t break it’s still here” so she says “I will need to transfer you to a line testing expert to see what the problem is hold the line please “so I get a guy who says ” I need you to see if you have a dial tone ” and I say  ” No I don’t have a phone and he starts to say “well if there is no line ” and I interrupt him and say clearly and slowly “please  I don’t want to be rude but please stop talking and listen to what I am saying ,really listen to me I do not own a telephone but I do have a working line in my home do you understand me “and he says can I go and borrow one “and I say I have been here a week I don’t know any of the neighbours  and would not like to introduce myself with “Hi I live next door may I borrow” so he says “I will need to transfer you to a line testing expert ” hang on wait a minute isn’t that what he is ,yes I think that is what she called him ,OMG (insert beating head against wall here ) so another $15 phone call down and again no solution I hang up . Beau then plugs the base of the old phone in and wha la  the internet starts to work .

I then went online and sent a complaint email to Telstra as I was beyond frustrated by this stage ,so I am happy to say that when they phoned me back a few days later they indeed understood just how incompetent this had all been so I was given a credit of $30 for the calls and one month free internet . At least she understood what I was saying !!!!

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