The Over The Fence Ball Retrieval Etiquette

I have had an event that has caused me to invoke the “over the fence ball etiquette rules” to my son .Having a new large back yard for the first time has become a great thing not only for the dog it turns out , Beau was kicking the footy around when it went over the fence, so when he came in and said that he was going over the fence to retrieve it I had to educate him on the “over the fence etiquette of ball retrieval , so I told him he had to go and knock on the front door and ask if he may get his ball I told him that more than likely they would simply throw it back over the fence . He did not want to go so I had to, now  the gate was my first obstacle being bolted at the bottom as well as the top, I finally made it in and the first thing I noticed was the front garden  ,the entire front yard was the garden with hundreds of plants half being suculants and  as high as the fence about 5 foot, the next was how locked up the place looked all blinds down and it had a vibe , I start to think to my self as I approach the front door what if these people  are drug lords what if they have a huge crop growing inside, what if they have a lab in there, now I am starting to shit my self a bit ,but I want that ball so I push the door bell,I hear it go ding dong no answer so I ring it again a couple more times and I decide these folk are just holiday makers because as I am looking around I decide that this house and garden look very Italian . I came home and tell Beau of my  suspicions and we decide to just go over the fence and get the ball .The fence is old so we retrieve the double ladder and place one half on our side and one on their side the whole time Beau is confirming that there is  no one home finally he goes over and we get back the ball ,mission complete .

Later that night I was standing at the back door when I looked over and I see a glow coming from  the edge of the closed blinds next door I called Beau to have a look and give me his expert opinion and we decide it looks indeed like a TV going and then we look at each other and laugh as there is indeed someone in this house and I start all over again with the drug lord theory as they would not answer the door . The next morning I hear a small boy calling  to his Nona and ah relief they are indeed Italian and they probably were just not home when we broke and entered their back Yard ,but my son has now learnt the over the fence ball retrieval etiquette.:)


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