And there it is, Mothers and Daughters

Today after doing all the Mum things I had to do ,I sat and looked out the window of the Curry house while waiting for my Roti and watched the people go by . It was some what relaxing to be still for 5 minutes then I began to notice the amount of women assisting their elderly mothers past to do there shopping and the many other things our mothers need ,  I thought to my self  , there are many others out there doing the same thing I do every day ,then I thought they looked older than me ,then I thought maybe they are the same age as me and that’s what you end up looking like after a few years of looking after them ,then I thought crap I might end up  looking like that ,then I thought what if I already look like that, noooo, I am so having a massage every week to rid me of the stress that looking after your Mother brings, then I realized that I have been doing this for years and if I was going to look that bad I would be  already.

Maybe I should be having  facials  couldn’t hurt ,I feel I should add here that I have only had 2 facials in my life and was somewhat surprised at how much I hated them everyone else seems to love them I found them to be greasy and felt like I needed to get home fast and wash my face,not sure if that’s suppose to be the desired effect or not ?Any who I hope my children never have to look after me I would much rather meet them for a coffee and a days outing rather than have them have to do all my crap for me. Just as well I gave up drinking and smoking I might just never have to be a burden to them here’s hoping, bet they are hoping too.:)

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