What I love about being a human

I love that I can look at others who struggle to do something and think to my self I could so do that better ? It amuses me the faith I have in my self to think that I could possibly run faster ,jump higher ,concentrate better ,finish a task faster than people who have been training for hours and hours day after day  . In high school  I entered the tennis comp with out ever actually playing the game before ,from just watching them hit the ball I though I can do that. I was lucky that i was able to hit the ball as it came hurtling towards me must faster than it had looked from the out side looking in I might add, but was not able to keep it in the court in fact not even in the school as each time I hit that ball it sailed ever so gracefully over the fence and in to someones back yard after loosing 7 or eight balls  I was asked to stop playing as they needed the rest of the balls for other games .So did I learn my  lesson  you bet ya , well not really .



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