Ahh memories

Writing  that last blog got me to thinking about high school and try as I might I was pushed to remember any learning that went on .I could remember running my own raffles with some trinket I had brought from home to make spending money ,they were a very good source of income for me in those years . We also did drawing of boys names on girls hands for a cash payment Laurie was the artistic one in that venture.I remember that my teachers either loved me or hated me with a passion and I do remember the desk outside our principles office very well ,in fact it was pre set up with things for us to do, we were such regulars and come to think of it it was certain days and classes that we ended up there. I remember cooking class was a crack up for me , I asked her one day why our table was always last to get our ingredients ? Her answer was because I was on their table and try as she might to stop me I always made good food ,she stuck her finger in a sponge I made saying as she did it “oh look it dropped” so I just put i back in and it believe it or not rose again ,she was fuming . She would always single me out in the pre cooking talk with some slur or other she once said “I dont know what your going to do because you are just hopeless and will never succeed in anything ?True , so I suppose she should not have been surprised when I decorated the roof one day with cookie dough ?I also remember we  were made to strip down to our underwear in front of a class one day and iron our uniforms dry as we had gotten soaked in the rain ,we had done it on purpose to get out of class but I am not sure that was the way to go in punishing us .There are so many things, oh I remember Laurie being attacked from behind and out of nowhere by this Scottish girl in the corridor it was hilarious the fire extinguisher came in to play at one stage real hair pulling slap down brawling .There are so many things that went on in that school I just don’t have the time to tell all . I will share one last “I remember” with you though , end of year celebrations ,we went to the local shop to get some flour to make flour bombs as we passed the fruit shop the nice lady there offered us a box of old tomatoes , we gladly took we them, we started a running destruction trail across the school with other students stopping us randomly to take our photos after bombing everything we could with flour bombs we then decorated our vice principles car with flour,tomatoes and other decorative womans products ,in hind sight perhaps we should have entered into this endeavour at the end of the day instead of at morning tea ,because  back in class as we were trying to get rid of the evidence  such as flour all over us in our navy blue uniform ( a neon flashing sign with finger pointing they did it )we were hauled off to the office and boy were we in real trouble this time as the tomatoes on stiffys (our nick name for him) car had eaten the paint we had not intended it at all but that’s what happens when you are young and in the moment ,thinking is not on the table . I will add here that there were quite a few young ladies involved in this adventure how ever it was only a couple of us that were held responsible and bore the brunt of the wrath of the school (it was our last time at the school ) . I was surprised to hear that years and years later two young girls from that same school were over heard on the bus talking about us so we were memorable or at least our antics were.But all in all I had a great time at that school made some life long friends, even if learning was never accomplished .


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