The Montalto Revue

My daughter gave me a $200.00 meal voucher to dine in the beautiful one chef hat Montalto.Thank you my beautiful daughter it was great .I feel I should add here that the voucher was suppose to have been sent to me in the mail as a surprise,so every week she asked me “have you got any exciting mail yet mum” to that I would have to say no as I had not .After a month of asking me I still had not received the surprise,even after she had contacted them 3 more times to have it sent to me I never ended up seeing the voucher at all ,they keep insisting they had sent it and when I rang to book I mentioned that voucher and she more or less snapped at me that they had sent it out 3 times  already I confirmed the address and if they had sent it to my address then why did I never receive it and also if they had sent out 3 vouchers that I have not received you would think that they would have wanted me to show proof of identity when I went to use it . What if someone else had received the vouchers in the mail and had used them ,what would they have done then but because of the casual way they approached the entire thing I could only assume they had never sent it in the first place ?? I took along an old school friend for a girl’s day out. We arrived and decided to have a walk around the property as they have a number of sculptures on display, we meandered our way between the vines and chatted and explored .We arrived back at the main building and entered the restaurant through the side door, we waited for the Matradee to come and seat us and while waiting we decided to ask to be seated on the other side as we were standing next to the kitchen and could feel the heat coming from there, we were also a bit hot as we had just been walking up hills. When he came over I told him we had a reservation and asked about getting a table out on the veranda? He said that they only do tables out there in the summer, so we asked if we could have a table over the other side, explained about being hot and he said “the room is acclimatized evenly”, but when we got to the other side it was noticeably cooler. We then asked him if we could have a table by the window and asked if we could open it, as they were long narrow windows that slide and to that he said in a rather condescending tone I might add “No we will not be opening any windows today ” then pulled a chair out from a table not at the window, he looked at us and then rolled his eyes and let us seat ourselves at the window table. Then our waiter came and he was a lovely mam. He answered our questions about the menu happily and we ordered. Our first drinks were brought to our table and soon after our entree. They were divine, tasty and had us anticipating our mains my only fault here was a bone in my salmon. The Matradee ventured to us again and asked if we would like a refill Laurie asked for another wine .Our mains arrived but the wine still had not. We mmmed and yummed our way through a glorious meal, alas again a small bone in my duck this time and at the end of it there was still no sign of the wine. We then asked again about the wine, as the desert arrived looking spectacular and not disappointing either, but still no wine, after finishing our desert we had to ask for the wine again, now this is a little odd as this was a winery after all, you would think they would be pushing the stuff down your throat instead of not getting any. We then enjoyed a coffee and reflected on the beautiful meal we had enjoyed. We made a pact to do this more often and even have a few places already in mind. All in all our Visit to the Montalto was nice but even though we had a pre paid voucher I would have still expected to see a bill of what we had and the amount that was spent ,this was not supplied so we had to enquire about how much our lunch had cost .When I asked the first time I was told not to worry it was all right so I had to ask again and he said it had come to $197 now I know its only $3 but I think we should have been given the option to either add to that for a tip or take the change home, not that we would have but we should have been given the option . So to sum it up great food lovely Ambiance but there is room for improvement in the customer service area especially with the Matradee

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