Snow glorious Snow

I entered a competition recently to win a trip to the snow, in 25 words or less you had to describe your most embarrassing snow experience. This was easy for me as I had only ever been to the snow once and the entire day was an embarrassing experience, in fact the hard part for me was deciding what part of that day to describe. I will share with you the entire day and you can guess which I used. The trip was organized by the social club at my mothers work and as she had an aversion to any thing physical I went with a family friend I was about 12 and she was about 16,so we meet at the allotted time and boarded the bus and off we went with approx. 40 other people, we had been traveling about an hour when the bus suddenly pulled over and stopped 5 or 6 guys then alighted and began to pee on the side of the road then back on, and off we went again, this relief mission was to repeat 2 more times before we arrived . We did arrive and upon getting off the bus I realized that I had put on far to many clothes and I list, 1 pair of stockings, 1 pair of tights, 2 pair of socks, 1 pair of jeans, 1 singlet, 1 long sleeves thermal, 1 t-shirt, 1 jumper, and a coat. So I turned around on the spot and went back on the bus and stripped down to just the normal amount of clothing required. I then again dismounted the bus and within 2 seconds was hit by a flying snow ball ,that had a solid ice center, on the left side of my face, my left eye swelled shut and turned a lovely shade of blue purple and I was only able to see out of one eye for the rest of the day. After some recovery time we decided to do the toboggan thing only with out the toboggan, using improvised garbage bags instead, we layer it on the snow at the top of a small hill sat on it and got pushed off to start the downward  journey alas although the trip was fast and fun the bag however was still sitting at the top of the hill so my butt and legs were completely drenched. At this point I decided it was time for me to have a breather and headed back to the bus to retrieve an steaming hot cup of coffee I had brought in a thermos, as I approached the bus I could see something dripping from the bottom step, so I followed this trickling stream and yes you guessed it led to my over turned thermos that was indeed leaking its way out, there was half a cup left so I should be grateful for that. We then decided to head up the mountain a slow winding trek on the road, that was full of cars bumper to bumper as well making there way to the top. After an hour of walking and still no top in sight we decided to give up and return to the bottom only trouble was we were being constantly bombarded with snow balls from passing cars, so enough was enough and I saw a guy on a motorbike weaving his way down the road so I asked him for a lift , he agreed and I jumped on the back fully armed with a load of snow balls so  as we passed all the cars that had attacked us I lobbed them in their windows as we passed and it felt good. Arriving back in the car park I thanked my friend on the bike  and loaded back on the bus for the journey home, in pain with my black swollen eye, cold with my wet butt and legs, and just plain old exhausted, I was relieved  as I could be, to be  on that bus on my way home. The relief stops for the drunken boys continued with double the frequency this time, but we finally arrived home.

I have been afraid to return to the snow after that day I took it as a sign that I was just not meant to be there but may be, 38 years later I should give it a try I mean what have I got to loose surly it couldn’t be as bad as the first time.

Could it?????

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