My Birthday so far

Hi and happy Birthday to me. I awoke early and unwrapped my Kindle I got from my daughter (if you don’t know what that is look it up) then took my son to work, he had said that I should sleep in but it was pouring down with hard hard rain so although I did appreciate the offer was much happier to drop him off .I took a few phone calls and birthday wishes from my lovely daughter .I then came home showered and then took my Menis for a quick trip to the beach (photos on FB). Then off to pick up my mother whom I am usually running around after every day, so was looking forward to having a day of running around dedicated to only me (not selfish on you BD). So we head off to K mart where she bought me a pair of jeans and a jacket, very nice and herself a bra. We then headed to Lazy Joes for lunch but as it turns out is very well named as although they were suppose to be open, they were not They were in attendance but just didn’t want to open today, so up the road to the Thai food yummy place where they treated me very nicely and the food was scrumptious, A big thank you to my friend Slob for not only bringing me a humongous caramel mud cake but also shouted our lunch. I was then looking forward to dropping my mother off home and spending the rest of my day doing, well quite frankly nothing. Alas my mother had other plans for me Firstly I went to the butchers for her while she shopped in a pre loved clothing store, where she paid $30.00 for a pair of shoes $16.00 for pants and I forget how much for the cardigan. So when I returned I had to sit in the car for 30 minutes while she had the pants she had bought taken up .At last she gets in the car and I think great, but no I then had to take her to the post office so she could send some mail of course, that I took in and did for her. Then at last after she got her hunk of my cake I was free to return to my plans. And that my friends is my day so far :)Wait the phone just rang and its time to go pick up my son he said ” I just got fired no its a joke “


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