What is with that

Last year before we went to Bali I happened to be in the doctors with my daughter one day , when she asked him “What shots will we need to go to Bali “He looks on his computer and says “well I can give you some right now but the others you will need a script for ”  and off he goes to get the injection . I look at my daughter ,thank her as now I have to have a needle ,she just told me to suck it up as she was getting one to. So he comes back jabs me in the arm then tells my daughter she wont be needing this shot as she has had it when her children had theirs . She laughs her head off at me .she will keep .

So today I am in the doctors with my son who has the flu, to get a doctors certificate and  as my Doctor has been to the UK before we chat about my upcoming trip and He says “you should have the swine flu needle , in fact I will give it to you now” and again I am ambushed by a jab in the arm .So that is it, these bloody children who are now adults anyway can go to the doctors on their own in future . But at least I won’t get the flu while I am away ,I hope . 🙂

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