Gym day one of the six week challenge

Ok so I get there 5 minutes before my appointed time only to find that she is running behind ,and asks if I would like to perhaps go to the shops for 10 minutes ,hmmmmm , no I will sit on the couch ,I am not going out in public looking like this .So I wait I play angry birds on my phone ,on that, I know why it was named angry birds because it makes you very angry when you play it , any way , she is finally ready for me although she is rather flustered and continues to run around in circles back and forth from the counter to me , I am supposed to be doing my Bio-age test and I  am a bit disappointed when she asked if I have had a coffee ?no one had informed me that I was not to drink a coffee before I have the test .So I can not have it .

I go ahead and I am shown how to use the equipment ,This gym is a circuit gym and every 45 seconds you change. While I was seated on the couch I was watching some women going around and  thought to my self “how can that be doing them any good they no sooner start on a piece of equipment then they move on to the next” ,however once I tried to do this my self I could see that 45 seconds suddenly became 5 minutes while you are doing it , funny that .I enjoyed 2 circuits and hope that in the morning I will be able to move .

So in 2 days I will return and do my Bio-age test and we will see just how unfit I really am .

I will however at the end of this six week challenge be  fit and slim for my UK adventure .

One response to “Gym day one of the six week challenge

  1. Yay! Keep up the motivation!


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