Gym Day 2 The Bio Age Test

I arrive eager to do the Bio-age to see how old I really am . Alas that is all I am able to do on this second visit as I have been called in to work and well lets face it folks work is work . I might add here that I feel I did do some form of a work out as the Bio age test is a work out in its self . I started to realise however half way through that perhaps I am not going to be as old as I hope my Bio age will be and the competition is measured on how much you lower your Bio age .Why, you may ask, well it dawned on me when I was able to get my hands past my toes . And the results are: My Bio age is : “55” that suxs ,as I am 51 so now I will have to get it down to my 30’s if I am to have any hope of being in the running for the competition ,and I feel that may be slightly a bit of a stretch even for the  ever optimistic me .  I do feel I might be a little behind the eight ball here I guess we will see 🙂

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