A Moral Delema Video Late Fees

So I have a moral dilemma I hired an over night movie for $2 My son also hired 2 movies at the same time . The next day I took back my movie and handed it over and went on my merry way. My son asked when he got home had, I returned the movie and I said yes .

A week later I came home from work and my son is standing there holding up two movies saying ” yes I took the movies back ” holly crap I totally forgot about his movies ,I grab them and rush down to the Video store I walk in and say ” these are so late ” he looks them up and says “yer they are 4 days late and  its $40.00 for your over due fee ” Now My Dilemma  1)I returned one of the three movies on time so why did some one not say then “what about the other two? 2)Why didn’t anyone phone me over the next 4 days to let me know. 3) I only hired them for $2 as its that much Monday  to Thursday  so Why am I not being charged $2 per video per night for 2 nights. 4) Where do they get the $5 a night per video to charge me $40 from  I have seen no signs declaring this price any where  .

So Today I go in and speak to the owner and he goes me halves in the fees and charges me $20 I am great-full for this but still think that if they had of phoned me earlier I would have returned them straight away . so what do you think ?????

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