Gym day 5 Week 2

Today was my first solo ,I did good ,I only forgot one thing and that was how to do the heel tap . I also noticed that its only about 40 seconds that you are enduring the pain of the weights as it takes you 5 or more  seconds to move to another  machine even then it still seems like 5 minutes .There was a Lady there today who I am not sure has the concept of what this gym dose .You start on one machine then when the recorded  lady who talks from the speakers says “change now” you move to the next station that is a cardio so it goes weights / cardio /weights/ cardio and so on  in a circle ,but this lady was randomly walking all over the place, she would do about 20 seconds maybe, on a machine then up and off she would go ,to the other side of the room on to something else  and this went on the entire time I was there.

It was great because it distracted me and before I knew it I was finished. I got through it and I was almost going to go back again this afternoon ,I will have to ask if that would be ok . So I still have this large tummy and tuck shop arms that I hope soon to see the end of, I will see the end of them .I will .

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