Ugh the dreaded Mammogram

Today I had the dreaded Mammogram . I arrived 5 minutes before my appointed time ,was given the form to fill out (even though I had been here before and it was their contacting me that I was due  for it as to why I was there but….)Another lady came in 5 minutes after me and she too was given the form to fill out . While sitting there filling these form  I noticed that the staff seemed to be some what distracted as they gathered around the front desk passionately discussing, I can only assume was a colleague and I had the distinct feel one they did not approve of as their comments were quite nasty and critical .

So the other lady and I finished our forms handed them back and then sat for another 10 minutes waiting while they continued their barrage of comments about this other person , We looked at each other with raised eyebrows as she and I seemed to be thinking the same thoughts as I  ,how professional these women were ,(not ) Finally they stopped for breath and called me in ,then decided no they would take the other lady first even though I was first in, my appointed time was after hers .

I then was taken into the hall to wait another 10 minutes there .

The staff member came out from where she was attending to the other lady  and re joined her colleagues at the front counter to continue the discussion and was excited to learn that they had found the history on the computer showing that this talked about person had been on face book . They were now like a bunch of school girls , the  lady I had been sitting with  came out and I commented to her that they were still at it ,she rolled her eyes and bid me good luck and farewell.

So I am now sitting looking at an empty room awaiting me to go in for my mammogram but the excited bunch at the desk are now trying to work out how to print out the history I am now starting to get a little pissed off I don’t give a flying **** about there little soap opera that’s going on and was actually feeling a little sick to boot .Just when I thought I would leave she came along .I asked if she minded hurrying as I was not feeling well, so we got through it and she holds up a glass and offers me a glass of water but the glass is filthy. I shake my head and just want out .

While I am dressing I can still hear them waffling on and on and I finally am dressed and on my way out, I say good bye but they do not notice as they are still going on and on about this colleague , glad I don’t work there ……but it seems neither do they ?????

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