Count down begins Officaly

Well I feel that it is now ok to start an official count down to my great over the sea adventure. I have my plane tickets in most part thanks to my brother and sister-in-law (you guys rock )I have a train ticket from London to Achnasheen and I have an other plane ticket from Edinburgh to Belfast,so I think that is enough for a countdown to begin .I am ,however in a little quandary as I am now trying to decide what to see while scooting about . What do I want to see I have until now only thought of visiting Vivian Westwood’s Worlds end store and so I think I must now begin to research what there is for me to visit . I would like to soak up some history as the UK is brimming with it ,Stone hinge will have to be on this list and of course some Castles but what else should I see .I will of course be visiting Harry Potter ,well oxford .So its only just under 8 weeks and counting


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