“Vets” WTF ,Why do you think you are better than us ??????

Today I had cause to take my beloved Dog to visit the Vet .I have had some questionable visits here before relating to attitude but with some discussion (ok slight argument) smoothed over those times .

Well I should tell you about this as it may help put into context my feeling for the vets .The cat got sick she has high blood pressure after some hundreds of dollars  spent at the vets to find this out she is put onto medication that she will be on for the rest of her life. I buy this medication form the vet every month at a cost of $33. So I go in to get a refill one day and they say ” the cat has to come back in for some blood pressure tests , I ask why as she is fine but they said they needed to make sure the level of medication was right for her , a medication she has been taking for 3 months I told them I couldn’t really afford $150 for them to tell me she is fine so they start getting narky and start to make out that I am not a fit animal owner . I said I would know if the medication was not working but they go on and on so I take her in and guess what the medication is the right level and the cat is fine .

So another couple of months go by and I am in there to pick up a new months medication and again they say she is due for another test this time I stand my ground and say look I just can not afford these test , she is fine and they say well we are not giving you her medication unless you bring her in ,yes that’s right they threatened to with hold medication that is keeping this animal alive  because I said I could not afford the tests . Can you believe that, not only make you feel bad but blackmail as well……..  she had the tests and guess what she is fine …………..and so on to today  .

I made my appointment last week  and asked for the an appointed time when there would not be other people in the waiting room as those of you who know my beloved will know how she feels about strangers. I was given a 12 pm time slot and assured it was last of the morning appointments .

I was phoned and asked to bring my appointment forward by an hour and a half as the Vet would be going in to surgery so I said” of course see you then “. I arrived this morning at the newly appointed 11.15 am to find the waiting room full of people ,at first i thought i had made an error and when I said I had been phoned and had my appointment changed the lady behind the desk snapped at me that yes it was for now ,but they are running behind and looked at me like I was an idiot . I said I would go away and come back in a half an hour ,she agreed . So we took her for a walk and picked up a parcel from the post office ,I phoned them to see how we were going and they said bring her straight in . When we arrived there was a man in standing at the counter and the lady said to take her straight in ,but she would not walk past the man and was freaking out as we tried to walk past him finaly Beau backed away and I said we will just wait till this man finished  ,to that she said ” he was going to be a while” I said “sorry but she wont walk past the man ” he kindly walked out of our line of sight but the vet assistant behind the counter gave me a not very nice look and rolled her eyes .What the fuck I didn’t do this to my dog you bitch ,some bastard man beat the crap out of her hence her reaction ?So we go in she gets her shot I get the usual her teeth might need attention even though her gums look good and healthy  and none of her teeth are bad ,she has a little tatrer on them and should come in have an anesthetic and they would clean her teeth, if I get her in tomorrow they will give me 10% off . So when I leave I ask about cost and the woman  behind the desk ,who I have obviously offended says in a very unfriendly manor $300 to $450 ,then charges me $90 for my 5 minute visit today .

So what did I get for  my $90  the  dogs shot ,  spoken down to  and be treated in a condescending manor. Can not wait to do that again, not

Result time to find a new Vet


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