To long Jonh or not to long John ???

Well as the time is drawing ever near with 3 and a half weeks to go ,the question is there. Will it be cold on the other side of the world and will my delicateness require long Johns??? I feel that the answer is obvious even with out knowing the weather situation that they would weigh so little why would I not include them just in case I freeze my arse off . This has also awakened other important traveling questions , such as to case or back pack ? to gumboot or normal boot ?to high heel or flats for a possible dress up outing ?? Oh the pressure of the how and what . I think that I should load up and go with what will be the easiest for me to handle while traversing as I will indeed be doing a bit of that .So the dry run is in order, I might do an around the block tester ,much to the delight of my neighbors I’m sure ,one with the case and one with the back pack and as I will also have to have the hand bag and the on-board bag they will also be included in the test  and i shall take my lovely Meni with me .

If I can make it without dropping any luggage then that will be the winner . So with not much more to add except that I can not wait to actually get there and see my long lost Daughter  and then when I return get to go and see my other Daughter and beautiful grand children, that this will be an exciting latter part of the  year for me . Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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