Gotta love the Internet

Really you must ,if you don’t love the internet ,then at least appreciate it . I my self love it.

I have been trying to find a hotel to stay in for my one night in London before I track off to the highlands of Scotland . This task was proving to be some what of a head ache but I am pleased to have finally found one and it is all due to the magic of the internet.

As I searched and searched it became apparent that not all hotels are the same with some  not even having a bathroom.The prices were a bit on the hefty side as well. Now had I not been able to research and read what other travellers had to say I might well have ended up in something I would not want to be in .

The magic of the internet gave me not only  views and information but also a great location ,all with out leaving my chair  to book my hotel from across the other side of the world and you really have just got to love that .

It is also very good for shopping mmmmmmmmmmmm shopping

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