Yes it is true that my journey will consist of all those things maybe not it that order so let me see if I can put it in to some kind of rolling order . We start with Auto mobile , train, bus ,plane, train ,auto mobile , train ,plane, automobile , train auto mobile ,plane ,bus ,train and auto mobile . I shall try to do a 60 second video of each transport and put them all together when I get back and call it my “16 minutes of planes trains and auto mobile oh and a bus” I am very excited to have the opportunity to travel on all these things especially in a foreign country .

The time on each will vary with some being 20 minutes to 23 hrs ,so I wonder just how tired I will be, say half way through my journey ,just saying it kind of makes me tired  just working it out little own doing it  .

Now don’t get me wrong I am indeed excited about my up coming trip but I am getting a little over the “oh 17 days to go “ oh only 12 days to go “ only 10 days to go’ really I just want to go ! I just want to be there doing it and I am very excited as I know that before I know it, it will be I go tomorrow Whoo hoo

I will also be posting photos as we go so I hope that it will make you all  feel like you are on this wonderful journey with me.

My next post will be the day before I leave  until then my friends

10 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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