Better late than never

Well I have been home from my wonderful journey and yet to set to  blogging what is with that ! well I will tell you, I was so jet lagged the first week and yes Jet lag is real people I take back all the thoughts that I thought when people said “Im jet lagged ” as I now know it is real . Then i went on another holiday ,yes i know I was only home one week and off again what can I say I am the traveler becoming .

I am now firmly home for at least a month .

So to the great over seas adventure I shall share this amazing journey with you in installments .

Leaving home : It was as I had said automobile, bus,train,bus,plane,train on the first leg this all taking aprox 36 hours . I was very lucky on the plane as I had no one next to me on the first leg to Hong Kong and even luckier on the leg to London with a complete empty row to stretch out and sleep like a flying baby:)

I was excited to reach London and use the tube ,even if I got out at the wrong station ,I did eventually find the right one and my hotel .My very old and wonderful hotel, The Wardonia at a bargain price of 55 pound and it had a bathroom (some hotels don’t you know) and only one block from Kings Cross station where I visited platform 9 3/4 before I boarded my train to Edinburgh .

I was some what perplexed as I walked into the station and  saw a large group of people all standing facing the same direction gazing  up united in their vision ,I nearly laughed out loud then I saw that they were all watching a large screen and were awaiting a platform number to go and board their train .A little weird but that’s how they do it .

next installment :The Train and The Torridon

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