The Train and The Torridon

After standing with the rest of the throng at the station ,starring skyward, seeking the holey information that the display board was promising to give at any moment ,I finally got my number boarded my train and settled on my way to Scotland.
The train having rather comfortable seat with a table and no one sitting beside
me was of course comfortable. The Tea trolly makes its way down the Isle offering fresh fruit, cold drinks,Sandwiches,snacks with of course tea and coffee and the toilet is large with and auto door that swishes open along the curved wall when you walk up to it .Amazing!
The journey was delightful and the view just got better the further we progressed, culminating in snow peeked mountains either side but not in the distance oh no the train went right through the peeks in fact the snow was so close the if the train stopped it would only have taken 5 steps to be in it.
When we pulled in to Inverness station Yarni was waiting on the platform to meet me .I was amazed after missing and not having seen her for so long that when I saw her it was like she had only been gone a week . With two of her work mates in tow we went firstly to a dress shop and purchased then ate at a great Scottish pub before we plummeted, and I can only describe my daughters driving as “typical rally style” threw the dark up to the highlands.

The hotel was beautiful and my bed to dye for ,so comfortable like sinking in a cloud or laying on a marsh mellow I will never forget it . After some intros and some ale samples at the Tavern I hit that bed and was out.

I awoke at 7am and swung the curtain back only to discover that it was still pitch black, I went back to bed.

At eight I tried again and still pitch black,back to bed.
Nine am and success I am able to make out the cows and the trees, it was hitting 10 am before it was what you could say full light.

Viewing the Torridon was a sight in the day light it was a fairy tale, beautiful and I was very excited to be there .

Next : The Irish Odyssey

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