The Irish Odyssey

After spending a couple of lovely days at the Torridon ,getting to see the area and meeting the staff , I am not judging anyone (Donald),consuming unimaginable delicious food we headed off to Inverness . I had one last thing to do while in Scotland and that was at Inverink where I got my new tattoos done before heading off to Ireland .
We arrived in Belfast and headed to our digs at the Europa for 2 nights before we were to collect our Wicked van and begin the road trip component of our journey . The Europa was quite an impressive hotel ,when we hit the room I read a the welcome booklet and was delighted by what they thought was a fantastic selling point being that the Europa is the most bombed, yes that is not a typo I said, Bombed hotel in and get this not only Ireland but the world being bombed some 28 times during the troubles .

I loved Belfast the city is fantastic .
After a great 2 nights and some very fine eats we headed off to meet our Wicked van ,we jumped in, after some issues with bus timetables getting there and began our road trip Irish Odyssey.
First stop was at Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, Antrim Coast,where we hiked the I k to the site where I decided to stay firmly on Terra firma and watch Yarni venture down the ladder to the rope bridge ,get half way across when she decided to turn around and return ,this action I was told by the guide was actually harder to do than complete the crossing itself , so off she went again to compete the task ,well done Yarni . Our second stop was to the Giants Causeway a massive stretch of coast where Giants fought causing the spectacular rock formations we had come to visit . We enjoyed a great lunch of soup and a sandwich that come together as a dish ,very popular over there .
We then decided to look for a caravan park to stop in over night, but as we were traveling in the off season, only half of them listed were open.
So that being one of the factors in the decision we were about to make, and the second being that the radio was sending out frequent warnings of the worse storms in years  heading our way, we decided to stay at the Back Packers in Derry  for our first  night on the road . We arrived got beds and promptly meet an Australian .

Next installment :An eye opening  Day In Free Derry


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