An eye opening Day In Free Derry

So after a safe night in the hostel in Derry and a nice make your self breakfast,we headed off.
I was about to have one of the most eye opening walks of my life .
I went to a small museum in Derry that told the story of the troubles in Northern Ireland which is kind of an oxymoron really as everyone in Ireland says “We don’t talk about the troubles” but here it was this little building nestled in a small side street amongst the housing . It was here that I met a member of the IRA ,a very nice man who would be our guide and so as we walked we talked I heard stories of things that happened that I was hardly even aware of ,oh I knew there was bombs going off over there but I didn’t really know or understand much of it at all .

I was saddened to hear about the events that led him to become a member of The IRA . When he was a young boy on his way out, the lady next door asked him to tell her son to come in for dinner , he saw this boy ,who was 8 years old at the time standing at the corner of their street looking at a tank,this 8 year old boy picked up a stone and threw it at the tank, then a gun came out of the tank and shot that 8 year old boy ,the bullet so powerful it lifted him off the ground and sent him flying through the air 20 feet .

The tank then trained its guns on any one who made movement to go to his aid and it was an hour before medical help arrived the tank simply drove away with no one ever seeing who fired the shots the only thing they did know was that it was an English tank with English soldiers in side .

The Boy Died …

So while this guy was sitting in a room breaking down and cleaning machine guns I was going to parties having fun and completely oblivious that this was happening ,I felt ashamed ,but I was a teenager with normal selfish teenager things on my mind .The things he showed us and told us about were to much to recount to you here but if you ever find your self in Northern Ireland in the lovely city of Derry then do the tour , It was something I will never forget that little walk around the town of Derry the only city in the world that is still a walled city .Derry its self is a lovely place ,

The last wall of the tennament housing in Derry

I loved being there and I am so glad I had the Opportunity to see and hear about the troubles,from someone who was there and survived to tell the story .

On maps printed by English its Derry

Irish maps its Free Derry

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