Slacker or just plain old bussy

Well I know that my posts about my over seas adventure are coming in random doses but a lot happened in the three weeks I was traveling.

When I lay in bed at night trying to go to sleep ,I will think about my blog and what I want to tell you next. Then life just seems to get in the way .
Now having said that, this is not going to be a blog about that fantastic holiday, oh no   you say ? Don’t panic because sometimes even more exciting things happen in your life and that is exactly what this blog is all about .
I was lucky enough to bare witness to the arrival of my third grand child, my second grand daughter ,who arrived via C section in February .welcom little Jessy
I had been present for the natural birth of my first grand son , I was bumped out of the line up for the second, my grand daughter ,but that was ok as it was my other daughter that took point on that one.
I arrived one week early in case the little one had other plans but she was a good girl and waited for the appointed time, I was lucky enough to be able to send an entire month with my family .
We arrived at the hospital at 8 am and began the process of booking in , we then gowned up and began the nervous wait. I vowed to stay nill by mouth with my daughter in a united effort , by nine o’clock I was starting to think how nice a cuppa at least would be but I remained true to quest .
And so we waited , then at 9.30 the surgery nurse announces they have had an emergency and we just had to sit tight . We sat tight until 11.30 am when they took us into a small room on the side of the operating room. Where we stayed for another 45 minutes.
I was getting excited now,I could see through the hole in the door that they were still operating on the person in there and I am here to tell you it is just like it is on TV they had a screen up and I could see inside the person on the table and it was exactly the same .

Then in came the Anesthesiologist who looked younger than my daughter ,so he did his thing and mentioned something about his boss then left ,5 minutes later another Anesthesiologist entered also looking as young as his predecessor when he left we looked at each other and burst out laughing as they were very “Big Bang Theory”.

Finally we went in and I was ready to video and watch as they brought my new grand daughter in to the world, but no, the Anesthesiologist said i was not allowed, that I had to sit next to my daughters head and not stand up , even though I assured him I was all good with the blood .
Then after all that waiting within 20 minutes she was there this beautiful little human being,they placed her on my daughters chest for a moment then whipped her away for the check then returned her . I cried ….  I was over come with love , love for my daughter, love for my new grand child ,and love for my other two grand children it was overwhelming Getting to know each other

It is a wonderful thing to see ,I know I had given birth to 4 of my own but it was Extremely different to see the event without the attached pain .First encountersWhat do I do now ? our first look

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