Parenting never ends

Last night at 1.30am I was awakened by a phone call from my son ,he sounded sad and said he had had a fight with his girlfriend and was coming home . He still lives at home but was spending the night at her place .

I unhooked the chain from the front door so he could let himself in and waited.

When he got home he sat on the edge of my bed and asked questions I have not had to deal with for some years .

Why would she break up with me ? And all the related questions that are asked when their first real relationship hits the wall. It broke my heart to see him so sad and it was even harder for him being a 20 yrs old and having to deal with these emotions for the first time.

Also the betrayal he was feeling after finding out that she was trading text with another guy and to add insult to injury, right under his nose.

I supported him, told him he was better off and that fate had probably opened a door for him. I assured him that the feelings would fade with each day and that when he met some one new that it would be forgotten all together .


At 4 am I finally got back to sleep and hoped he feels better in the morning . I realised that as they grow older your parenting skill are needed less and less as they start to make their own decisions and go out in to the world .

There  are always the phone calls that need slight support but the real nitty gritty of parenting has waned as the years passed. So although a sad event for him, a validation from my point of view as he still needs me, my opinion and my support.

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