Oh Really Mum ,In this Day and Age ?

I do not know any other way to say this but to come right out and say it ,My mother is a Homophobic.

I am surprised that it has taken so long for me to notices this. In fact it was after Australian Idol when Anthony Callea came in to the spot light , Oh she loved him ,was asking every one to buy her his CD ” oh he has the voice of an angle” she would say “I just love him”,so you can imagine our shock when one day as she was doing the Oh Anthony thing I casually mentioned that he was seeing the guy from home and away , she gave me a death stare demanded to know what I meant . I explained what I meant and she turned on him instantly I will not repeat what she had to say you can simply live without knowing .

Now I know its wrong but every now and then we drop a comment knowing she will head off on a rant and we do purely for our own entertainment.

But every now and then she will come out with a pearl all on her own like the other day she said ” There is a shortage of good men and it because all those homosexuals have taken them all ” I burst out laughing, I could not believe she actually believed that . It has to be her age she is 82, oh god I hope its her age and the generation she grew up in.
The other bad and this is a baddy is that she is ever so happy to voice her opinion like shes is trying to announce it to all those around her and it has been very embarrassing.

Well that”s all I am going to give that subject, now in an unrelated event I thought I would just add this foot note, that is more about her age than anything else and that’s “the fart and run” she will be looking in the dairy department or in an Isle of the supermarket and she will just take off, I think what the hell is she doing then the smell hits and every one around me looks at me !!!! Oh I could go on and on about the little things that come with being 80 but I will share that another day 🙂

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