Chronological Order, Yer right !!

Ok so I would dearly love to continue my blog on my travels in Chronological order, however that is just not going to happen because my brain simply dose not work that way.
So today i will take to Blarney Castle and the township of Blarney. It is as you imagine a hot tourist spot with not only the castle but the Blarney Woolen Mills that sell not only clothes and

jumpers and all things woolen but also jewellery, crafts,fine Belleek Irish China superb linens and much much more. Well worth a visit .
The township its self is quite delightful with the main street wrapping around the town square, that is all grass. It is not hard to picture what was happening here many years ago when Royalty lived in the Castle and the town folks gathered in the square.
Then there is of course the Castle and its well know Blarney stone.
I was very excited to visit the castle and as we had stayed in the caravan park the night before we were well rested and eager to explore.
We arrived and parked and paid our entry and went through into the grounds for our 5 minute walk up to the castle, we had walked for about 3 minutes when the skies opened up and it poured we made a dash back to retrieve our umbrellas from the van and continued our quest ,It is something you must see for your self because no matter how much I try to explain you just have to see it .
We arrived at the low side of the castle and it loomed above us as we got closer.We were on the dungeon side and went in to explore I was quite over come by an eerie feeling and i have only taken two steps in side when i turn and get the hell out ,it was very claustrophobic but I thought I owed it to all the poor souls that had suffered in this space so many centuries ago and so I try again ,nope there is no way i can go in there the feeling just got more intense so I am out of there and around the corner to the main entrance .
We climbed and explored and slowly wound our way towards the top and the higher we got the narrower the stairwells got until at last we made the roof and OMG its freaking high I immediately freak out grab the rail on my left and the wall to my right and inched my way towards the Blarney stone telling those folks stuck behind me to suck it up they would get there eventually .At the stone
Yarni lays on her back leans over and is dropped down buy the attendants holding her shoulders so she dose not plummet 80 feet to her death below and kisses the blarney stone then we are on our way back down after i finally make it to the going down side ,I reached the ground and realise I forgot to look at the view from the top, DOH!!!
We then take off to explore the grounds and Bam just like that Yarni is on her butt on the ground , now remember that down pour I was telling you about earlier,mud all over her butt .So after a little more exploring we decide to hit the road a little wet a little muddy and a little cold, now you can imagine our thoughts when we find that the van will not start ,I put the blame squarely on that Bloody Blarney stone and the kiss.Well I guess if we had not left the lights on it might of helped some what .The rest is pretty predictable, good Samaritan jump start, greatfull grovelling and away we went . onward to our next adventure ……………….
Until then xo


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