To cheap airline or not to Cheap airline???

Ok so I would have to say that getting a return flight to Sydney for the poultry price of $88 can not be anything else but fantastic.

There are some who say “oh I would rather pay the extra and go on a better air line”
but lets just see what you get for that, sometimes over $200.00 extra and also sometimes the one way price ?

Cheapy ,no complimentary snack or drink, cold or hot but able to purchase if you require.
Expensive, a small muffin or biscuit and a cold mini can of soft drink or a tea/coffee
Hmmm!!! so I can buy a mini can of drink and a muffin prior to boarding for, and lets go extreme as in bought at the over inflated airport price for $5.
Now that would take my cheap flight to $89 still pretty good .
I would have to get over 40 cans and muffins on the expensive flight to make up the difference in the prices .

I know I can eat but highly doubt that I could consume that amount in the one hour 10 minute flight . I’m sorry but no matter how you look at it you just can not argue with an $88 flight compared to $345 flight.
Takes the same time to get there,same safety regulations,same licensed pilots,same airports,
but I now have a couple extra hundred dollars to spoil my grand children with when I get there.

its a no brainer 🙂


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