My Annual birthday Blog

Hi every one ,Yes its my Birthday again they seem to be coming around quicker every year . Today I am sick so will by default actually have the birthday I am always hoping to have, yes I have no choice but to just stay home and not have to go out for dinner as is always expected .
I know, but at the end of the day it is my birthday and the fact that I would rather just stay at home and do nothing should be an easy thing to let me have, but it is not, as every one seems to think you should want to go out . So this year I win I feel like shit but I win .
Here is another accidental good thing some how yesterday my phone got clicked into the silent mode so when I woke up this morning I had 5 missed call that had started at 9 am ,how lucky is that ? I got to seep in by default Ha !
So now on to the presents, I have received a gift certificate to the Peninsula hot springs for a 60 minute massage OMG!!! I can hardly wait for that ,lunch delivered to my lap and some gifts are still to come as i am going to Sydney I will get their present when I get there, and Mum will hold on to hers until I am well enough to go and do the expected out to dinner thing .
See you can only delay it there is no avoiding it .
It is now only lunch time although I do not expect anything else to happen today, you just never know !!!!! So thanks to every one for their lovely wishes and kind messages until next year Hip Hip Hooray xoxo


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