Grand mother, Baby whispererererere, Oh Yer !!!

I was delighted to get to spend a week with my beautiful Daughter and grand children a couple of weeks ago. I was the baby sitter for my daughter(the maid of honor) to go on the hens night and my son-in-law to go on the bucks night. All was great the older two were happy to chill out on the couch after dinner and watch a movie popcorn on lap. The baby would not come at the bottle at all we had tried prior to her mothers evening out and even bought some alternative bottles,but on the night no matter what I did and I tied a lot of things even put the bottle under my arm so that she was “in the position” but try as I might she just would not take that bottle. What to do? A crying baby, correction a hungry crying baby so I did what any grand mother worth her salt would do I comforted her and simply squirted the milk in her mouth little by little until she went to sleep and slept all night . I am the whisperer,
During the night my grand daughter came wandering into my room and climbed in with me at some point around 2am her mother rolled in, closely followed by her father with snoring closely following.
At some early hour my grand son arose and with his sister not in her bed everyone else still sleeping and an uncle out cold on the couch ,thus making turning on the TV as an option out of the question, he did what any five year old would do , he headed back to his room and began to crow like a rooster so that some people would wake up , Logical ? very
I got up said good morning Told him to go right ahead and turn on the TV and I then went back to bed.
Eventually we all made our way to the lounge and that’s when the adventures of hens and bucks began to come out, funny stuff consisting of a broken foot, denial of entry to the booked venue for being to drunk (the bride to be) the boat cruise of the harbor having to tie up to a random wharf because the power went out, verious other small mishaps, a good night was had by all with the bride eventually be allowed entry.
So next week I shall make the plane train and automobile journey again to baby sit for the Wedding that will be closer to home this time so I can drive to the reception and get the baby filled up .
But get to spend some more time with those little faces that make my day šŸ™‚

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