JB HIFI The good the bad and the ugly

Our local stores are 30 minute drive from our house, there are 2 stores in the same suburb so, my son decided to phone JB HI FI at store, lets call it (store A)(The ugly ) .
He was on the phone for at least 10 minutes when I asked what he was waiting for ? He told me he was waiting to speak to someone in the computer dept. So he asked me to phone (store B)(the good) while he was waiting .I did so was answered in 30 seconds asked if they price matched ,was told yes if the opposition store had stock of the item and was a local based store .
End of call all within One minute. My son still on hold, finally after 25 minutes on hold, the girl who answered in the first place came back on so he asked her the same question I had asked and got the same answer but with and added “we will beat any price”.
So off we went, now store A is closest so we went there asked to buy the product x 2 and to do the price match. We were then told that they would not do it , I calmly explained about our phone call confirming that they would indeed do a price match and he again said no its lower that cost ? he then told me how JB are in dire financial trouble and I again confirmed what the girl had told us over the phone , he said with a snicker”there is no girl that works in this department” I said it was the girl who answered the phone who had told us, she did work in the store and would know store policy?”He then said I will go speak to the manager but I can tell you now it will be no. I thanked him and told him that would be nice.
I watched him walk out the back of the store so we waited and waited, while waiting i noticed a man enter the store looking around headed out the back and 30 seconds later came out with a case and left ( I am thinking manager) then 5 minutes later the guy came back and said no we wont do it,its that simple don’t care what you were told over the phone we are not going to do it.
With that we left got in the car drove one k to store B where we walked in spoke to the same guy I had spoken to on the phone , he checked stock with the local opposition and with in 5 minutes we were in the car on our way home .
I got home and sent two Emails one to complain re: the service received at store A and one to compliment re:Store B on the great service received there .
I received 2 emails back,one said re complaint , the other said re compliment , both stated the following (the Bad)
Dear Customer,

Currently most in-stock orders are received within 5 business days.

If you have an enquiry regarding a delayed or missing order outside this timeframe you can now have your nearest store attend to your issue quickly.

Go to http://www.jbhifi.com.au/contact-us and select the “Where is my online order?” option. Complete the action form and your nominated store will respond.

Your nearest store is able to ensure that any delayed goods or missing orders can be addressed accordingly by even providing for in-store pickup or emergency despatch from store. Your nearest store can also deal with any delivery errors and organise refunds and exchanges just like any regular store purchase from any JB Hi-Fi store.

In order for us to allocate and prioritise any other enquiries we recommend that you also go to http://www.jbhifi.com.au/contact-us and select the appropriate query or feedback option.


JB Hi-Fi Online Support

Clearly nothing to do with either of my emails to them and that is all I have heard from them.So of course I now know how they feel about me and my business. I would like them to know that even though I am a nothing little person to them I can spread the word more than they thought I could ,so I ask that when I publish this post and the link goes on Facebook that you all like and share on your wall and try to reach as many people as possible so I can link it to JB HI FI and just show them how far word of mouth can spread and that we the small consumer will no longer be treated like we are not worthy.
I thank you for your support 🙂

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