The Penisula Hot Springs Adventure

I was lucky enough to have received a voucher for a massage at the hot springs , yes very lucky indeed.
So last month I went and I am here to tell you that it was heaven ,it kind of reminded me of Bali with the smell on incense in the air .
I changed in to my robe provided by the hot springs and waited in a lounge room with herbal tea on the table and calming music flowing through the air .
A lovely lady named Sara came and collected me and took me to a room where I laid out on the massage table and relaxed ,then the heaven began.
I had a full body massage and I did not know just how sore I was.
She used a smooth rock on my back and I can not even put into words just how fantastic it felt.
The down side, my hour went so fast I could have stayed all day.
So a huge shout out to my beautiful daughter who bought me the voucher and an equally huge shout out for the lovely Sara who was ,good at her job, made me feel important and gave me a great massage , Thank you Sara .
I was also lucky enough to have a small amount left over so that I may return and enjoy a dip in the mineral springs water. I am looking forward to that.
So if you have not yet tried the Peninsula Hot Springs then you are missing out my friends click on this link and check them out for your self, I for one can not wait to go back I might even make it a regular visit.

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