How quickly life can change, you can find your self thinking your life is in a stall and that nothing ever seems to be happening then overnight have it irreversibly changed for ever, no going back no do overs just changed.
My life was irreversibly changed again on the 9th July 2013 when my mum passed away.

RIP Lucius legs Lenny

What a woman Lucius Legs was.
Lenny was born on May 30th 1930,she had 2 children and was married twice.
I describe my memories of my young life as like twirling in a beautiful flowing dress holding my arms out wide looking up to the sky.

I remember many parties in our kitchen with ladies in high heels dancing and the men in their suites.
Even though she suffered with both Rheumatoid and Ostieo arthritis she worked two jobs but would loved a night out she loved life there are so many stories to tell I will start a new heading Called The Lenny Diary, she would love that.

This is my first blog since she left and even though its been 2 years now it still feels like yesterday and im still so so sad with out her. That woman drove me insane most days but then I remember when we would sing in the car every friday night all the way from Parkdale To Rosebud and in those days it took hours, Her dog used fart all the way we would have every window down with your head hanging out, they smelt so bad.
She had a lot of dogs over her life time but that’s a tale for another day.
She was fierce and soft she was hard and caring she was forever bloody hilarious she was my mother who I thought and think the sun and moon began with.

R.I.P mum


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