Bringing Home Lakaya

Some times we make decisions under great pain or stress and in grief that we later regret. I regretted putting my daughter into the ground .I regretted having to leave her behind .I mourned for her all over again.

So I have, at last, finally brought her home.

When I moved away from the town I enquired about an exhumation and cremation but it was over $3000 and I just couldn’t afford it , if I had only know how much it would increase over the time I would have tried harder to find the money , but all things happen at a time for a reason  .

For those of you that didn’t know Lakaya I can tell you that her battle changed my life .It changed all our lives she showed me that I was a strong human being and sometimes I forget that and I shouldn’t, she helped me become a better person .

So when I decided it was time to finally bring her home it only stood to reason that she would still be helping someone  and that is why I told Tom about what I was doing, as he was about to undertake a documentary assignment  at Uni and I wanted him to do something different and

get good marks and that is how Bringing Home Lakaya came about.

So please visit his You Tube Page

‘Reel Deal Media ” and have a look , subscribe and share

Thank you and please don’t anyone tell my Aunty shes in her 80’s she needs not know of this.

UPDATE ; Tom entered Bringing Home lakaya into the striking film festival and took out peoples choice,check it out here

Bringing Home Lakaya

Tom Jordan


One response to “Bringing Home Lakaya

  1. Up date :tom entered Brining home lakaya into the striking film festival out of 75 entries it was chosen as one of the 13 finalist.I’m pleased to announce that it took out peoples choice, congratulations Tom I hope this opens some doors for you x


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