People’s choice Striking film festival

Tom entered Bringing Home Lakaya into the striking film festival.It made the last 13 entries into the finals out of 75 submissions.

On the night I was firstly totally embarrassed by the photo they had of me on the board describing the film but it’s me in my most natural  state no makeup and having just given birth, I looked at the broad smile and the happiness it not only contained but beamed out from the photo, was this joy of a third daughter or perhaps the euphoria residue of the pain medication.whatever it was I did look petty pleased with myself even if I looked terrible I was happy.

My eldest daughter accompanied me as I am having back issues i need the assistance but that’s another story for an other day.

We arrived with ease to our designated parking just around the corner from the event ,it is a fantastic little  intimate park and only a flat $10 for the evening.

we arrive to the top floor where fairy lights hover above our heads and fine wine and cheeses are on continuous offer. There is a silent auction going on but I must have an incorrect idea of how a silent auction works I was always under the impression you wrote your bid on a piece of paper and put it in to a box that was opened after the event ,calculated and the highest bidder wins. I of course have the completely wrong idea about a silent auction  having never attended one before. I like my idea of it better then its more of a mystery.

We get the standard “same same but different’ looks as we wonder around , we do look very much alike .

Tom is not there but I know he will arrive soon eventually his entourage shows up drinks snacks and then down to watching the entered films.

My top four :

My absolute favorite taking mine out of course was Welcome to Dookie  after watching this fantastic offering I just want to go and visit Dookie the main actor was a very well know face on Australian TV and his performance just added to the over all ambiance ,he was Peter Rowsthorn you are likely to know him from Kath and Kim or from any of the hundreds of other roles he has had.

Night mail was my next a subtitled funny and touching piece

Next on my list was Wanker unfortunate name but funny movie.

And  Spill, a trip down memory lane with a saga about the hierarchy of marbles in the school yard.

I was humbled by the reaction to Tom’s offering ,I am sad with tears running freely down my cheeks ,I miss my daughter every day, I hear people sniffling as they are taking this journey with me. The way people touch my arm when they express their sadness at our story I know these people genuinely care , I am very very humbled.

After the movies end we head back to the wine and song on offer check the silent auction and accept we are outbid.

So we wait anxiously for the judges to decide  and it is not too long before they arrive to announce the results, as each category is announced  I agree these are great maybe one i was not so agreeable with but…….I am not a judge. Finally there is only people’s choice and they say Bringing Home Lakaya I am beyond happy for Tom I hope this will open some doors for him.

This whole process has awakened something in me I want to make my own short films I have ideas and some stories I just need get some funding as I will need to hire a bus and go to the snow oh and get at least 30 people who want to go on a bus movie making trip.

Maybe One day ……Maybe

So I would like to say a huge thank you to the organisers of the Striking Film festival  and to Tom for taking us on and entering it.



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