I have decided to share the progress of trying to write a book, my first offering is the introduction, I have actually written way more in my head than on paper , I hope its ok

WARNING  :I can not spell and after reading this grammar  seems to be an issue as well I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.


Susanne and James fell instantly in love the first time they saw each other at Law school.

They had everything and nothing in common. They both had passion for the Law. James following in his fathers foot steps was headed for a Corporate Law office and Sue wanted to help people from the public court system. Jame’s family was very very wealthy and Sue’s family was not.

James parents had disappeared while on a hiking trip in the Himalayas leaving his sister and him self the entire family fortune.

Sues mother had died while giving birth to her and her father died from a heart attack only a year after she started law school, she inherited the family farm that she had to sell to pay the back taxes on, but she managed to walk away with enough to see her through college and start a modest life after. They both graduated with honors and were married six months later.

They moved in with James sister Rae into their family home, an opulent Brown stone in the city, although it was a three story home it could be thought of as five, if you included the basement and the attack. The only thing modest about this house was the name   ‘Meek’ .Rae was an artist and had converted the attack into her studio where she enjoyed sensational views across the city.

After living happily for three years Sue became pregnant and they decided that they wanted to bring their child up in the country, it did not take them long to find the perfect place on the out skirts of a small town called Box Creek

They bought a beautiful house right on a lake with its own dock and so bought a small sailing boat, that they intended to learn how to sail one day.



Roy arrived safely and James and Sue moved to their dream home. Life was easy, tranquil and relaxed the locals were wonderful and quirky, things could not have been  any better.

One evening the as the sun was setting over the tranquil water James decided to have a picnic dinner on the boat, Roy was three months old, so they gathered all they would need and headed down to their dock. Roy sat in his pram while his parents loaded the boat, they did not noticed that the rope had come undone and the boat had began to drift away from the dock, it was when Sue noticed water on the floor that she and Jim got out of the cabin. They had drifted to far from the dock to reach it and with water rapidly filling the boat, being able to swim may have been handy .As the boat began to sink Jim tried to get Sue to the dock but they both went under.

Molly McAllister the owner of the local store, who luckily for Roy had brought a delivery, discovered Roy still in his pram  still sitting on the dock the next morning.

She looked after the young Roy for a week before his aunt Rae came to collect him but Molly would have gladly kept and raised him her love for the orphaned Roy was genuine.

So Roy and Rae returned to the city to the family home.

They lived happily for three month until, one beautiful afternoon while enjoying the warm filtered sunlight on her face as they walked along their street, Rae fell into an open manhole leaving Roy not only sitting in the street again in his pram but now without any family at all.

Roy was sent to a convent orphanage and his inherited belongings locked up on the third floor of his home, the home rented out to generate an income that went into trust for when Roy was old enough to claim his inheritance.

Roy spent 20 years at the orphanage although he could have easily left years earlier it was the Nuns, who were his mothers, all of them, that kept him there. When he graduated law school he moved back into his family home .Roy had grown into a wonderful man who went out of his way to help as many people as he could but despite his wonderful nature Roy remained single for a very long time, Finally now on the eve of his 40th birthday he was about to pop the question to his girlfriend.



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