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The Moving Truck

The moving truck that slob brought to the party was beyond fantastic , it was brand new and the hydraulic lift on the back made an already grueling job just that much better. Of course and much to the embarrassment of a 19-year-old we had to do the classic rock and roll stance with hand gestures and make the crowds going wild sounds with each raising and lowering of the platform ,that was part of the conditions of use .

So we filled this truck twice and its funny that when you are packing you see a need for this or that but when you move it and comes to the unpacking stage you wonder why  a) you pack that  b) you need that and finally  c)  the realisation that you now have to get rid of that .Yes I have a shed full of these items so in hindsight and how wonderful is hindsight, I would have only had one truck load had I realised the un-usefullness( yes I know that is not a real word) of these items, ah well we  live and we learn, oh hang on when it comes to this I don’t seem to learn anything at all as my past moves will attest along with my current shed full of crap .Garage sale on the horizon 🙂


So what went wrong ?????

At last the move is over ,today I handed back the keys to the old place and received that all important nod of approval from the real estate and my bond is on its way back to me as we speak . So why the title you may ask well I shall indeed tell you , I moved with great thanks to slob who brought a truck with lift on the back and was a hard task master , boy did we need it and so we moved after we finished work on the sat and the sun insert a huge ( Thank you slob ) here. I went back to the house on Monday to clean and pick up the straggler boxes so happily well not actually happily but not the point I was cleaning  when I hear the sound on crushing metal I look out the back window to see a back hoe rolling over the tin shed in the back yard and entering my (well not mine any more but you know what I mean ) back yard . It flattens the shed squashing some paint tins that were in side but I noticed they had removed the small wardrobe from said tin shed prior to crushing it then two guys enter bearing chain saws and commence to cut down the only tree in the back yard .After that the back hoe gets back into action ripping down the fences .Now some explanations are in order here to be fair, so the house I was renting was the front house of 2 houses on the one block ,the house out the back is owned by the guy who lives there, now the tin shed that faced into and was used by the house I rented actually sat on the property of the house at the back and that would be why he ran over it with a back hoe ,the tree that was chainsawed down was growing up against the back wall of the house at the back and into his roof hence the chain saw action .The fences were not falling down but were well, I’m not sure why the fences came down. Apparently he has been asking about the above things for some years but to no avail so when he knew we had moved out he went into action ,so a big thanks for waiting until we were gone to begin your destruction any way I am loosing control of the computer again now so more later  🙂

Home at last

she has much more hair now !!!!!!!

At last after 3 months of traipsing in and out of countless houses that smelt ,were to small to swing a cat in ,we have finally  found  the one .The rent may be a mere $75 extra a week but the new land lord has welcomed our Meni and for those of you who do not know who Meni is she is our bundle of fury joy, our dog . Not only have they accepted my girl but are ok that she lives in side the house yea how cool is that !!

And while I am on the praising roll how cool have my real estate agents been in assisting me get this house not only finding it but singing our praises to the land lord to get us the nod so a big thank you for that may your commissions be big healthy and  plentiful this year . The house has 2 yes that is 2 lounge rooms so Beau has his own and the yard is huge I tell you huge Menis can frolic and scoot and chase and play and have fun .

There is an apple tree with apples on it ,2 lemon trees and fire pit and 2 sheds (one is very big ) You can not see the back yard from the front and the Bus should we ever have need of it passes right by the front door .

Oh and it has a bath I haven’t had a bath in three years (yesI can hear you now ) I am on the smelly side but not for much longer so as of the 20th of this month I will be Kerry  living the life at last ledwidge .

I might add here that without the support of my family this may not be happening so you guys rock I love you  and thanks 🙂

Hunting for a House is Hell

Oh how the hunt tiers you wears you down and sucks the very life right out of you . It just seems to me that there is one thing after another when moving house, as if the physical part is not hard enough then there is the geographical side of the event the logistics and co-ordination the head starts to spin here but there is also the technical side to deal with .Like the returning of your bond something that you can not get back until you have moved out so you have to come up with that amount again to secure a new house not such an easy thing to do in this economical climate ,so you have to borrow then hope you get your bond back (seams to me that Real estate agents don’t give a shit how dirty a place is when you move in but suddenly seem to when its time to move out ) and why is it that they always manage to make you feel like you have done something wrong ,look down on you as if you are a second class human being?????? They train for that you know,  apparently its an art form !!!    And so your stress levels begin to rise and it all starts to become a nightmare and of course as if it is written in a script some where your work starts to cut your hours  and the rent you will have to pay jumps $60.00 a week .OMG I need a massage so bad  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh        and the dead line moves ever closer and  I havn’t even found a house yet

Not to mention the guy who came to measure up the floors for the new owner of the house I am vacating informs me that they will be taking over the house 2 weeks earlier than I have been told WTF( insert worry stress panic here )only to find out from the agent that ,that is not correct it is still as it was ,so there it is needless worry, stress, panic  like I needed the extra . Oh great rental goddess in the sky help me find a house pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂